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Welcome to Your Upgrade with self-defense in Toledo and surrounding areas

Creating the Tactical You

Qualified and insured Instructors

 Instructors that will cater to your needs. We have taught in the Toledo area for over a decade. We have instructed at many businesses including schools, law enforcement agencies, colleges, gyms, realtors, girl scouts and other private entities,self-defense in Sylvania ,Toledo and surrounding areas.

Modern Studio-WE TRAVEL TO YOU

 Instructors travel to various gyms,businesses,churches or hold classes at affiliate marital arts location,Judan Judo 5020 Lewis #B. Insured and certified to teach at any location. 

Our Philosophy

 We believe that creating a tactical version of your reduces the chance of being victimized.Understanding how to move your body and apply technique over muscle can result in the desired effect.Take a Self Defense Class today!

WhAt YoU GeT

Pepper Spray Training/ D.A.D.2.

Instructors will show YOU an important OPTION!

Aggressive Options

What can you DO?

NOT a Victim

Wait for a retake? Or learn before it happens.

All Participants must complete waiver before taking class. The instructors take all the falls....


Distributor of Sabre Pepper Spray

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