About Us

The time is now to get prepared!

No Excuses... Meet a group of friends at work, a local gym, or at our affiliate location. 

Build Confidence

 You will learn options for your personal protection with new found abilities.


Multiple techniques with real world application. 


Instruction that specialize in defensive options for self-protection.  Instructors are OPOTA certified and teach all levels of force including de-escalation. Instructors are current or retired  law enforcement that teach at various locations as adjunct instructors for multiple topics.  

Many defensive options taught are aimed at redirecting the aggressors’ energy and provide a way to grab a tool or retreat to a safer area.  Instructors have a background in martial art: judo, jujitsu and law enforcement tactics. The primary goal is to prevent the person from being injured and prevent continued aggression    


Although there are numerous types of martial arts, there is only one you. Learn techniques that fit your lifestyle,  body and budget. Instructors will treat you with professionalism and care. Improved techniques to fit real life application not cookie cutter tactics.

Grab a group of friends

As a traveling studio we will travel to your location or welcome you to ours.