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More information inside the E-certificate. 

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Defense Alert Device D.A.D.2®

An awesome new product that will take your personal protection to the next level.  GPS, pepper spray, flashlight and striking tool. 

Inquire during class or checkout on website  by clicking on the picture and using our coupon code "TOTAL10". 

Get 20% discount code after taking class.

Please download the free D.A.D. app to your phone prior to class from the app store.


Sabre Red pepper spray gel

Stopping power that works. 

 It leaves an invisible dye that can be detected by ultraviolet light for 48 hours. Product is available during training.


Gift Certificates

Give the gift of protection. 90 minute safety course that includes techniques that are simple, effective and aggressive. Includes pepper spray gel product and training. Contact us for more information.

Sabre Red Pen

Seeing is believing.