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Julie Willhauck reviewed Total Self Defense of Toledo5 star

 June 19, 201Took a self defense class for work today and it was so much better than expected. Instructors were amazing. I recommend this for everyone I know. I will be signing up my kids and friends for a class.

May 31 at 11:05 PM · 

Empowering class!  Gained life saving knowledge!  Thank you so much! I'd recommend this class to everyone!

June 1 at 12:36 PM · 

Awesome class! Learned a lot, I recommend it to everyone!

Kristy Sharp  reviewed Total Self Defense of Toledo5 star

· March 14, 2018

Learned so much in my first class! Safe, fun, and comfortable environment. Tyson explains and demonstrates each technical move so well. I left feeling confident and empowered

Michelle Rumans  Danberry Realtors 

"Tyson & Willa taught a class for our company, the class was fun but yet very informative. The moves they taught were easy enough to learn but could be life saving. I would recommend Tyson and/or Willa for a self defense class for any company or group! SAFETY FIRST!"

January 7 · 

Awesome class to take for all ages! Im a repeat student,  Ive learned something new each time. Tyson, the instructor is extremely knowledgeable and makes the classes fun.  Love learning how to break several different holds and learn moves to defend myself.

January 7 · 

Very informative, interesting, and enlightening class.  All the instructors seem very knowledgeable and dedicated to personal safety.

February 24 · 

The instructors and class content was wonderful!  My 14 year old daughter loved it too!!

March 15 at 9:38am · 

We learned so much in a short time - empowering!!!

January 24 · 

January 7 · 

February 27 · 

February 13 

January 27 · 

Super good class! The instructors were great, breaking down each movement so they were easy to understand. I run a lot by myself and now I feel more confident in how to protect myself if something should happen. I highly recommend taking a class!!

January 27 · 

I can't say enough about this class. The instructors do an amazing job showing self defense techniques and explaining why they work so well against attackers. Not only is this class fun but you leave out feeling empowered even after the first time. I highly recommend Total Self Defense of Toledo. If you haven't gone yet make plans to get to the next class its so worth it!!! My niece loved it!! Thanks Tyson and Willa 

January 20 · 

Thanks for an amazing class today! Super bummed I had to leave early but I'm happy to have learned what I could. I would love to learn more! I think everyone should take this class. Kudos Tyson and family!

January 8 · 

I took a class at Total Self Defense this past fall and look forward to taking it again and bringing my daughter and sister.  Tyson and his team took our class through a number of self defense moves—he demonstrated, taught, and then worked with each student. In our class we had men, women, and children and the techniques work regardless of size or being a male or female. I felt empowered to keep myself safe and respond like a victor, not a victim. Everyone should take it!

January 7 · 

Amazing instructor's with a lot of knowledge! They are fun and creative in their training technique.

December 20, 2017 · 

Fantastic class to take, whether you experienced or not. Tyson Coates things down so you can understand them at any level! A must take class

December 19, 2017 · 

Awesome self defense class and instructor. Definitely a class you should take if you want to know how to defend yourself.

December 1, 2017 ·